Who Needs 360 Videos?

Everybody’s banging on about 360 videos at the moment. For the last couple of years it’s been a bit of a faff making some elaborate gopro rig that looks like something out of Doctor Who.


Not exactly something you’re going to take on a date at the top of the shard.   And once you’re done paying for all the kit you’ve got to fiddle around stitching it together and generally sitting in the dark being nerdy. Eventually you might get something cool like this in the end.

Luckily for us all, there’s some new bits of kit that make the whole process a lot cheaper and easier. This beauty is called the bubl cam and you want one, even though you know you can’t get your paws on one until June 2016.



This cutey is the world’s first 360 spherical camera. Capable of capturing the world around you in spherical photos and videos with absolutely no blind spots.   Expect plenty more on the market over the coming year.

Why Do I Need a 360 Video?

You probably don’t.   Right now it’s new, so it’s hot. But it’s a bit of a gimmick.   In a VR context, it’s spot on, but we can’t help feeling the in browser experience is a bit, meh. For sure the best uses are for sports / music, and we’re keen to try this ski jump on the Samsung Gear VR.