The Science of Dating: How to Fall in Love

Modern dating is rubbish – find out how to achieve ‘perfection’ with this guide to the science behind your love life.

We’ve always loved Channel 4 – the personality, the diversity, the quirkiness of their programmes – so were delighted when they commissioned us to make a series of animated shorts for All 4.  Our challenge was to illustrate the science and psychology of attraction, love and relationships and deliver the geeky stuff, without being boring. So we explored the science behind why we pick our partners and the initial attraction through to falling in love (sometimes) and making it last (occasionally) and ended up with a 7-min film, ‘The Science of Dating: How to Fall in Love’.

Getting the balance of science, fun and good old-fashioned storytelling was a challenge: we were designing for a new platform / audience.  Creatively the look evolved from a really pared down, simple canvas and minimal character animation – think David Shrigley, Modern Toss – to something more colourful & evolved during an iterative process. Believe me, there were lots of us involved but we stuck to our normal process:  scripting, style frames, motion test, storyboarding and we got there in the end, with only a couple of nervous breakdowns on both sides: what began as a 4-part series, was subjected to a few days of ferocious editing to cut some of the flabbier bits and increase the pace until we made a mutual decision to release one 7-min film.

We really hope it goes down well and that we’ll see some of the characters again in another film.

You can watch our short, The Science of Dating: How to Fall in Love, right now on All 4  . Click here to watch now.