In terms of building a fully immersive experience for your viewer, VR is a total gamechanger and can be used to extraordinary effect when offering your audience virtual tours of anything from stately homes to the Arctic wilderness.  VR is particularly well suited to documentary formats and travel and nature-related content but don’t rule it out for brand stories. With VR, you don’t just share your brand story, you put your audience in the driving seat to explore and experience your story in their own unique way.

The secret, as with any form of video content, is to create content that is compelling and empathetic. And with new developments in tech becoming available all the time, delivering high end, cinematic production values is much more affordable that it once was. Where once you might have needed a crane for an aerial shot, the same shot can now be achieved with a drone for a fraction of the cost.

Of course, there are many other factors that will influence the cost of your film, from location, to talent, to duration, to the nature of your content. But in terms of technical output, creating a virtual reality video is a far more straightforward process than you might have once imagined so do please get in touch to discuss your project with us.

On to our first VR project!  As part of the BMW 100 anniversary celebrations we were commissioned to make a VR experience of how London might look  100 years from now.  Working with concept artist Ioan Dumitrescu we built and composited the BMW concept car into the futuristic environment.  From the dawn 360 shoot on Westminster bridge to the glitzy gig at the Roundhouse, this was a really special project to work on.  Here’s a film of how it was made:

If you’re thinking of working with us, we’d also recommend you take a look at our show reel. It’s a good place to start as it has a good flavour of the diversity of the styles & clients we work with:

At Breakfast of Champions we believe that ‘Outcomes matter most’ so from concept and development to production and promotion we are totally focused on delivering our shared goals. We love what we do and we hope you will too.

So please do get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss how we can work together!