TV Commercials


Reports of the demise of TV Commercials have been most exaggerated!  What is certain, however, is that the democratisation of video technology – both hardware and software – means that making a brilliant TV Commercial isn’t as inaccessible as it was before.  We offer a full service for TV Commerical production, from concept, script and storyboarding through to production, clearcast approval and delivery to the broadcasters.

Here’s a good example of a TV Commercial we made for Mazda.  There wasn’t a massive budget for the normal expensive car-shoot in Amalfi (sob), besides, the creative suited a much more urban and local focus.  Essentially we had a couple of days still shoot for the background plates, some client assets for the motor itself, then the rest was done in post.  Interestingly, this was the first commercial we did to run on Sky’s adsmart platform, allowing for hyper targeted broadcasting:

Though Kenwood Vineyards has been making wine in Sonoma, California since 1970, these are the first adverts they’ve ever done. We worked with our friends at TBWA/Chiat Day, New York to deliver stories that really connect the craft of winemaking to the uniqueness of the land – embracing every bit of grit and humanity that we could find. Patrick also got some sun (and a bit of wine) out of the deal.

We’ve made lashings of TV Commercials for Victoria Plum over the past year or so.  The main challenge here was that we had to make everything in CGI, and with some pretty tight deadlines.  This allowed us a lot of flexibility in terms of responding to market data with promotions and specific products.

A very different sort of brief was this fun and colourful little TVC from our friends at Cosatto.  Has been lovely being with them on their journey from initial designs and concepts through to the airing of their first TV Commercial.  A one day shoot in the studio for the timelapse footage and then some nice graphics made a really punchy little advert that really represented the brand personality well:

This is just a small selection of the TV Commercials we’ve made over the years.  If you’d like to discuss further then please do contact us and we’d love to chat through.