‘Snackable’ is one of those terms you hear bandied around in marketing contexts to loosely imply short form ‘nuggets’ of content. The bite-sized format of snackable video makes it particularly well suited to today’s audiences who tend to consume videos they encounter while scrolling through their social feeds.

If you’ve ever been transfixed by Tasty’s mini recipe videos on Facebook, you’ll understand how powerful this kind of content can be. Its power is in its very simplicity and with most of their videos coming in at around a minute long, it’s very easy to go from a light snack to full on binge with these bite sized videos.

Snackable video should be instantly captivating, so forget about the big, cinematic build up. It needs to be compelling enough to capture your attention from the very start. Bearing in mind the fact that today’s audiences are constantly being bombarded with fresh content, it’s not just about being attention-grabbing. You need to enthral your viewer, draw them with a strong creative and powerful storytelling. With snackable content, you might be looking at a higher volume of output and therefore lower production values. This is perfectly acceptable as long as the narrative at the heart of it remains strong.


If you’re thinking of working with us, then please do take a look at our show reel. It’s a good place to start as it has a good flavour of the diversity of the styles & clients we work with:

And here is a compilation of some snackable videos we made for our client Mount Anvil. We took a modular approach, creating a series of bite-sized episodes plus an overall summary on the subject. We also provided a digital enhancement pack, with still images and square videos all tailored to different social platforms.

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