Product Marketing Videos

At Breakfast of Champions we specialise in making a diverse range of product marketing videos.  There are no hard and fast rules around what exactly defines a ‘product video’ but we tend to mean a film that captures the essence of a product through visual storytelling.

Here’s an example of a product video we made for cosatto and their lovely new ‘Wonder’ pram (it’s all CGI too):

Of course product marketing videos can be deployed in a number of different ways.  Here’s an example of a POS film we made for Ciroc, which played in Airport duty free stores:

We’ve been lucky enough to make a number of product films for 3M and here’s one of our favourites.  Who said abrasive belt ranges couldn’t be sexy?  Only a fool could fail to be moved by the renderings here of precision shape grain technology.  It’s clever stuff and we love the challenge of bringing these products to life.

Lucky us – we get to make marketing films for lots of cool products, but Cubert has to be one of our favourites (we nicked the prototype we got sent). It’s a very handsome lamp that handily features a couple of USB ports so you can charge your stuff while you work / play. Very cool. We made a CG Cubert, did some nice little cell animation vignettes and put it all together in this smart little marketing film:

If you’re thinking of working with us, then please do take a look at our showreel. It’s a good place to start as it has a good flavour of the diversity of the styles & clients we work with:

For a more detailed look at some of these projects, please take a look at the product video section on our website.

At Breakfast of Champions we believe that ‘Outcomes matter most’ so from concept and development to production and promotion we are totally focused on delivering our shared goals. We love what we do and we hope you will too

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