Branded Content

At Breakfast of Champions we make branded video content for a diverse range of businesses and sectors.

Most of the films we make – B2B and B2C – will at some stage or other be played out online. There are no hard and fast rules around the definition of ‘branded content videos’, though we tend to produce online content that ultimately has some sort of sales or marketing focus.

Here’s a good example of some branded content we made for Bacardi (via Geometry), essentially summertime cocktail recipes:

This film we made for Shell is a good example of branded video content – in this instance sharing some fuel saving tips.  The films were shown at live events (the characters were made into giant models too – a first for us!) with a particular focus on emerging markets.


If you’re thinking of working with us, then please do take a look at our showreel. It’s a good place to start as it has a good flavour of the diversity of the styles & clients we work with:

At Breakfast of Champions we believe that ‘Outcomes matter most’ so from concept and development to production and promotion we are totally focused on delivering our shared goals. We love what we do and we hope you will too.

Please get in touch if you would like discuss a project with us.