Nobody’s Listening!

Just hired Samuel L Jackson to VO your latest film? Did Kanye do the sound design? Chances are you just blew a big stack of cash. Because with Instagram, twitter and facebook newsfeed videos all default playing mute, nobody’s listening.
Of course the irony isn’t lost that we could be returning to the era of the silent movie. As film makers we can’t ignore the fact that since the vast majority of social interactions occur on mobile, we have to find a way of telling a story that doesn’t rely on music or voice track.
Which is a pain, since making explainer films with some West coast stoner VO and simple vector graphics was easy money. We love a challenge though, so here’s what we’ll be doing:
• Mobile first. Design and produce your films for where they’re going to be seen. You might want IMAX but your viewers are probably iphone
• Type. Use it – sparingly – to help tell your story. Make a virtue of your problem; think comic books, memes
• Structure. It’s even more vital for your film to have a robust structure and clear messaging to keep the viewer engaged