This is the part where you get to stalk us out and we get really embarrassed about posting pics & banging on about ourselves.  Here’s the mandatory group shot to kick things off:


The media cliché guy pointing (pointing? what was that about?) also happens to be me, James Murphy, self-declared Csar and head dogsbody at Breakfast of Champions.  The rest from left to right are: Justin (head of motion), Uzo (doesn’t work here but looks cool), Miles (Production Manager), T (head of design), Luke (3d), Nahuel (3d), Mark (HPS guvnor), Becks (designer) and Franci (motion designer).  Ketan missed the picture, but he’s equally handsome.  So as you can see there are normally around a dozen of us working here, depending on who is deported / in jail / got some rare tropical disease at any point.*

We believe the best work gets done in small teams, so we’re not interested in tooling up an army.  Of course we do have a load of specialist freelancers who come in to work on a project basis too. We have a relatively flat structure here, so creatives work directly with clients, albeit with Miles keeping a beady eye on everything.

We’re based in Covent Garden / Holborn (depending on who we’re trying to impress) in a lovely old Georgian townhouse owned by the masons.  We’ve been here for years and plan on clinging on to our rickety stairs long after they try to turn us into a limpet milk espresso bar.  Here’s a picture of the inside of HQ, which no doubt is exactly how the Georgian architects would want it to look.

bofc, breakfast of champions, grafitti, wall, stairs

OK, here’s the important bit.  WE LOVE WHAT WE DO.  It’s a very special place to work.  We work on brilliant projects with brilliant people, and feel very luck to do so.  Smiley face emoji x 10.


*all of these things have happened to champions over the years.