Catrific Vlogging People

Vlogging may sound like a cobalt mining town on Siberia, but in reality it’s an incredibly powerful tool for reaching an audience, particularly those pesky sceptical millennials. On the lawless fields of youtube , brands are held accountable for authenticity and truth by the young and self-broadcasting.

Our first foray into the frankly terrifying world of Vlogging (what do you mean ‘no clearcast?’) was through Californian agency Digerati to work up a graphics package for Catrific. If you don’t know Cat, she’s one of those impossibly self-assured, charming and cute YouTube stars who probably earn more cash than the GDP of most developed countries.




Cat’s made a series every-day tips, practical tips for adult life, from A-Z (yeah, we could all use those). It’s a light touch production for the ICON network in the US which makes lifestyle video content around makeup, style, fashion and DIY. As you can tell from the format, there’s a whopping 26 episodes. Here’s a quick edit:

It’s an interesting example of content because the production values are a notch up from the normal grainy stuff shot in a bedroom (that’s where we came in), and the typical lack of overt advertising and marketing. Reliable, authentic relationship between brands and buyers are about a trusted conversations. Think of it a long term relationship rather than a quickie behind the bikesheds.

A big brand was behind this, but they aren’t even mentioned once.