Agile Video

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all video content strategy. In today’s increasingly fast-paced and reactive digital landscape, our whole mindset around creating video content will need to become ever more nimble and adaptive to keep up with the growing demand for different kinds of content for the myriad platforms and channels available to today’s marketeer.

And while the big budget executions will always continue to be an important part of any video marketing strategy, there has been a shift of emphasis, with brands adopting a more lean and agile approach to content creation. This may mean fewer steps in the process and smaller budgets to play with but by no means should this approach result in any compromise on quality or brand consistency. And luckily, with the many recent advances in tech, there are far fewer barriers (in terms of budget or lead-time) that brands need to negotiate to bring their agile video dreams to life.

Agile video isn’t just about a super lean production process. There needs to be a willingness not to see the end result as the brand’s magnum opus in video form. As any SEO-savvy marketeer will testify, recency ranks almost as highly as relevance so think about providing your audience with regular, snackable, content spread across the calendar as opposed to one annual feast that might not be so easy to digest.

As well as being the MO for most tech firms, agile production methods are also frequently favoured by producers of comedy and satire. Writers and directors need to have the agility to respond with lightening speed to current affairs for their satirical response to have the desired impact. Saturday Night Live’s imagined ‘Behind The Scenes’ of the recent Pepsi TV advert debacle is a perfect example of this.

Meanwhile over in Canada, Breakfast of Champion’s very own Patrick Sisam is part of the writing / directing team for hit show ‘The Next Step’ where the process is so lean and agile that not only have they done away entirely with traditional storyboards, they’re also only partially scripting the piece. All this makes for a far more fluid and pacey production process.

If you’re still weighing up whether agile video is for you, here’s a quick summary to help you decide.

Agile Video Non Agile Video
Regular Infrequent
Short, snackable Delves deeper into the subject
Short lead time Long lead time
Part of a series Stand alone
Lower budget Higher budget
Short shelf life Long shelf life