2016 video marketing trends

OK it’s the time of the year where everyone starts banging on about what’s going to happen in the future.  Never knowingly missing a bandwagon, here’s our $0.02 for 2016:

Personalised Video
We’ve been working really hard on creating personalised video marketing messages that generate really powerful engagements with customers. This engaging technology can be used to render all sorts of dynamic content into video messages in real time. As a CRM tool it can be particularly powerful.

Micro videos & Cinemagraphs
Even undiscovered tribes in the amazon have started making cinemagraphs, so they’re hardly something new. In fact they’ve become so popular that they’ve even jumped the line to TV, as with this spot for Pizzahut.
I don’t expect the trend for living pictures to die down any time soon, nor will the need for short, smart micro videos for social channels

Mobile First
We’re seeing up to 60% of our marketing videos being watched on mobile devices. Handheld screens are less distracted than other platforms so make sure you engage with the format: does your story work with audio off? Is the type legible?
Are you doing all you can to keep it short?

360 Video
New advances in hardware from Nikon and Bublcam are real game changers in the 360 video market, with their affordable and easy to use hardware.
With Facebook also now rolling out 360 videos in news feed expect to see a lot more of this immersive technology which allows the viewer to direct the action.

It’s amazing how many businesses will spend a big chunk of their lives and budgets lovingly making a video and then not bother to monitor how it performs.
You need to look beyond the overall viewing numbers (where did they come from anyway? Were they autoplay? Who watched to the end?) and dive deeper into the metrics that let you determine the overall success and ROI of the campaign.

Have a great year making videos!